Pebble Beach Hole 18, Actual Screen Shot from the Simulator

$20.00 per booth (Not per person).  One Simulator can hold upto 8 people!!

$11.00 for a half an hour

and most importantly; the ability to have a great time playing golf!





What type of golf clubs do you hit in the golf simulators?


The answer is simple; play your own golf clubs and your own golf balls.  In the past companies released “virtual” golf and you never actually hit a real golf ball.  You also had to swing a “special” golf club just so you could get in a round of “virtual” golf.  Times have changed and the technology has progressed.  On these all new Dead Solid Golf® Simulators, you play the golf ball and clubs you are most comfortable with.  If you don’t have a set of clubs, either use one of our latest demonstration sets or perhaps purchase a set from our full-line retail golf shop.


How do you putt on the golf simulators?


This question comes up quite frequently.  The most simple answer is that on putts of 15 feet or more, you putt directly into the screen.  The tracking device will pick up both the distance and direction of the ball and reflect that onto the screen.  On putts of less than 15 feet, you putt to an actual cup from the specified distance.  The easiest way to answer this question is to have you try it for yourself.


Are these simulators for use during the winter time when we can’t get on the golf course?


Absolutely; yes!  However, along with the advantage of having a place to play golf when its cold and wet, there are also several other uses for these simulators:


·          Don’t have 5 hours to spend out on the golf course, come to Precision Valley Golf Center where you can play 18 holes by yourself in 30-45 minutes.

·          Helping someone learn the game of golf?  Bring them to Precision Valley Golf Center to help them learn and enjoy the game.  Eliminate chasing balls all over the golf course, or having unpleasant people waiting angrily behind you.  Keep it fun, and do it in a controlled environment.

·          Work keeping you from getting enough rounds in?  Come play golf after work in the dark of the night and keep your game tuned up.

·          Got a big tournament coming up and don’t feel prepared?  Play nightly preceding that tournament and have that swing grooved in.

·          Swinging the golf club really well, come in to Precision Valley and have it filmed on our simulator.  We will then keep the good golf swing on file and when times get rough, come back and we’ll compare the two to figure out what has changed.

·          If you have a Corporate Party that needs some life, or a young golfers’ birthday party, our simulators can help fulfill that request as well.

·          Can’t decide between one driver and the next, go hit it in the simulator and find out exactly which club you should hit.  How far they each go, and which club creates the optimum launch angle for your ball flight.


So, yes the winter will be a great time for using these simulators.  However, each golfer will find a specific use for our facility and we hope to provide an enjoyable learning environment for golfers of all levels.


How many golf courses are available on the golf simulators?


Currently there are 32 golf courses available for play.  Dead Solid Golf® has consistently added 3-6 courses per year and will continue to do so.  As they upgrade, so will we!  The most famous of golf courses currently available is Pebble Beach.  Along with Pebble Beach, they also currently have Spyglass Hill, Dupont CC, and TPC Myrtle Beach.  As mentioned earlier these simulators can be great for a beginning golfer; however, what beginning golfer should be playing Pebble Beach?  Not many.  For that reason, Dead Solid Golf® has created some very player friendly courses with WIDE fairways, and LARGE flat greens.  Very similar to courses played in this part of the country.


As a serious golfers, we would be the first person to mention that nothing will ever replace REAL golf.  However, this is absolutely the next best thing.  What separates the two?  In our opinion the only difference is the fact that you don’t walk, and you don’t fight the outdoor elements.  If you hook it, you’ll hook it in the simulator.  If you top it, you’ll top it in the simulator.  If you chunk it, you’ll chunk it in the simulator.  You get the point.  Our facility is tailored towards the serious golfer.  In our research, we found the company that best fit that target audience and that is Dead Solid Golf®.  If we only succeed in one thing, it will be to provide a facility where beginning golfers and serious golfers alike can improve on this wonderful game. 


Precision Valley Golf Center




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